Having spent many years watching the industry evolve - more even than Keith Bentley, the founder and Chief Technology Officer..

Bracing stuff

It's been a while since we looked at the application of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in construction projects, and..

Warboard strategies

The name might bring to mind a videogame, but Warboard is actually a useful tool for organising, presenting and collaborating..

Concrete steps

Off-site fabrication is 'old hat' in some technologies - most notably, the provision of precast concrete sections for high..

Setting the scene

After many successful years selling Vectorworks software through Computer Unlimited (now Exertis) and building up a network of secondary..

Nuclear assets

Waldeck Consulting is a pioneering consultancy pushing the boundaries of BIM and digital design when delivering its projects. Working..

Motion control

Recent tragic events have brought home the value of pedestrian simulation or crowd analysis software. Used principally for assessing the..

Solibri Model Checker

An interesting point was raised at the CAD User Seminar on COBie in May which I felt deserved a more..

Boxing Clever

If you are old enough, you might remember getting a View Master for Christmas, along with half a dozen..

Opting into Building Ops

As almost everybody has access to a mobile phone it makes perfect sense for companies to leverage their capabilities, and..

Vectorworks 2017

I knew immediately that Vectorworks 2017 was going to offer some significant upgrades to the 2016 version as soon..

Algorithmic CAD

It's time to get to grips with algorithmic CAD. That's using formulas to drive your designs, enabling you to create..

Bumps and Bounces

Anyone can become a rendering expert if you follow some basic guidelines given out by Luis Ruiz, Vectorworks' Senior Architecture..

Game on!

For over twenty years, Autodesk software has been used to make the world's best visual effects and gaming software, and..

Xara Designer Pro x365

Xara Designer Pro X365 isn't really an architect's design tool - but it could prove very handy for taking..

A Legendary Release

I learnt a new word recently - 'mentee' - which apparently means one who is being mentored, itself a current..

Tekla Structures 2016

Tekla, now part of the Trimble group, recently gave its users a sneak preview of what they should expect..

Twinmotion 2016

As anyone with a PS4, Xbox One or souped-up gaming PC will attest, the videogame industry is now also the..

Bringing it all together

It seemed like a good idea at the time - accumulating all building information up to the point of handover,..

Industry 4.0

Would the rapid deployment of collaboration skills and the sharing of information on a construction project have been achievable outside..

Staying ahead of the game

I had already been talking to Paul Daynes at Newforma about his views on the status of the UK construction..

Smarter Cities

Cities are getting smarter with data sources and multiple sensors connecting people, services and things with each other. Bringing together..

It's BIM up North

Whilst some might suggest Level 2 is the norm and the world of digital construction is up and running,..

FARO sets the scene with VR

FARO SCENE 7.1 enables an immersive VR experience with integration of detailed photographic textures, i.e., surface details of an..

CADmouse goes wireless

The high-performance mouse is the wireless equivalent to the CadMouse, the world’s first desktop mouse for professional CAD users...

Leading UK builder opts for Aconex

United Living provides planned maintenance and new build services to clients throughout the UK, providing not just high-quality homes, but..

Earth Pyramid gets Arup backing

Mark, an engineering specialist at the global construction consultancy Arup, commented: "In late 2011, Steve was seeking guidance..

The BIM Object Cookbook

Whilst it is handy having access to a National library of BIM objects, there will come a time when..

Trimble Tekla Campus rises to the top

The Awards showcase the most pioneering initiatives in construction and engineering across four key strands: research, innovation, sustainability and..

An all-round imaging solution

Arithmetica's SphereVision Project Builder features a more refined and streamlined workflow, enabling users to easily bridge the gap between..

Brafer creates

Structures for major sports events are often underutilised post event, which is far from an ideal sustainable building lifecycle...

CADENAS 3D CAD BIM library for Schiedel

The Electronic Product Catalog, based on CADENAS' eCATALOGsolution stechnology, and access to the 3D CAD download portal now..